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Default Classical positioning of the right hand. Dmitry Nilov (Part II)

Classical positioning of the right hand. Dmitry Nilov (Part II)

Today a term "modern technique of sound" frequently appears and is perceived by the overwhelming majority of pedagogues as the most promising. Dmitry Nilov doesn't regard the performing technique of F. Tarrega, M. Llobet, A. Barrios, E. Pujol, A. Segovia, I. Presti and A. Lagoya, J. Williams, Romero family, C. Parkening and other prominent artists of the XX-XXI centuries as the past of the guitar art. In his opinion it is a classical or basic one, musicians can and should use it as a point of support in their performing quest and it would be wrong to neglect it.
For Dmitry it's a model which he follows, relevance and prospects of which he substantiates briefly in this clip, at the same time not disclaiming the right of musicians to look for new techniques to discover all possibilities of the instrument.

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