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Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
Nicely done comparison, Tommy.
I've never played or held an Emerald of any variety, but hear good things about them around these parts. (The Chimaera double-neck is oddly appealing, either as a 6 / 12 combo or with two six string necks for different tunings).
I have played all of the Rainsong sizes over the years and found them all to be very nice guitars.
To my taste, the Chimaera is simply appealing. I have a 6/12 and I really like all the things two necks offers in a surprisingly ergonomic, easy to play package. There are better sounding guitars out there and the Chimaera holds its own in that regard, but there is no guitar as fun to play and try to master, especially when playing a given song while going between both necks.
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