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Originally Posted by steelvibe View Post
One would think AZ would be a Hotspot for graphite guitars
You would sure think so. When I first considered a CF guitar, I went into a Guitar Center in Arizona, and asked about "a RainSong carbon fiber guitar."

I am not making this up: the kid there said, "A what? Carbon what?" I explained it to him; he went to the computer to see if "any other stores in the Phoenix area had one of these." Then, he asked me, "How do you spell 'RainSong'?"

When I have taken solid wood guitars to AZ, the case humidifiers go through a LOT of water. My RainSong Shorty has gone from the humidity of the Tropical Tip of Texas to Phoenix; back to Texas, up to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, and back. Several times now. Traveling by RV and/or boat. The RainSong seems real happy with that.
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