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Default "Taylor-like" guitars.

It seems that the majority of the Pac Rim imports are copying the construction techniques of Martin guitars in an attempt to capture a bit of the venerable and coveted Martin sound. Are there any imports, or have you heard any "mid-priced" guitars, that target or replicate the Taylor sound?

It seems that every time we discuss a Taylor guitar here, some folks agree that "The xxx model is wonderful", and some will say "I liked it but the Martin or Larrrivee xxx (fill in the guitar) was head and shoulders better, so I got that" but it seems that what we're' really hearing is the "Martin or Larrrivee xxx (fill in the guitar) sounds different, and I prefer that sound (or did that day) so I bought it".

Are there any guitars that sound a lot like Taylors? Ones that if you were blindfolded you might think were Taylors. If so, which Taylors? I have not really found any yet.
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