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P.S. Is the audio recording really done with that single recorder on the mic stand? No hidden wireless?? Pretty darn good.
I took a minute to pull up the session in Logic and take a screenshot. It's really dead simple. A little compression on the mic for when we get loud. Valhalla reverb on the "ambience" setting dialed back to I think about a 2 second decay. Everything else is a HPF (probably at ~80hz), subtractive EQ, and then the Izotope Ozone for "mastering" (i.e. getting it a little louder). I grabbed the Izotope package on their black Friday sale and haven't really had much chance to play with it, so this is the first time really using it. It seems pretty cool.

Here's the entire session, really (if someone wants to tell me how to get it to embed, I'd appreciate it):

On normal recordings I'd do all of the "mastering" stuff pretty differently, but since this was just one track with one mic and I was on the road without access to to my interface/outboard/plugins, I did it all in one session.

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