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Originally Posted by RP View Post
I'm a firm believer in the concept that less is often more, and my gut feeling was that the stock 327 has far too much black in the headstock. I briefly toyed with the idea of adding some open back tuners but was reluctant to start drilling holes and possibly misconfiguring the placement of the new tuners. Instead I installed a set of chrome Taylor tuners and some black knobs and am really pleased with the result. The knobs retain the black vintage look while the chrome tuners brighten things visually...
Well, my friend, you ignited my dormant GAS with your reports on this now I’ve gone and done it. Pulled the trigger on a 327e this morning. It was the only one this dealer had (they’d just gotten it in a couple days ago) and, like you, I got 20% off MAP. How could I say no?

Should be here Friday or Saturday.

The wait begins...
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