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Happy NGD. That looks like a fine guitar, and I like all GPs without pickguards, and I don't miss pickguards at all.

Regarding the marketing of the GPs, I came to the conclusion like you that these are not dreadnoughts, but rather the perfect mix of Dread and OM/000. You get a nice old woody sound without the boom. My 717 has boom, but it also has mids and doesn't get lost or muddy. It just sounds like a good old guitar, which I think is what Andy was going for.

Andy was on to something in that when you sit down to play a dreadnought, it doesn't sound like a recording because of all of the low end. That is one thing about dreads that irritates me because while its great to have all of that low end, it can get in the way and make it muffled. Also, I LOVE the sound of OM/000s, but they don't have quite enough volume and low end for me.

The GPs are perfect for 95% of what I do. I do want to eventually get another Martin dread because while not perfect for everything, that Martin BOOM is impressive from time to time.
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