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Originally Posted by rampix View Post

During the 50's the Ozzie and Harriet Show probably started my fascination with guitars. I wouldn't miss that show and anxiously waited for the end when Ricky played a song on that Martin Guitar. Oh how I wanted one...
That kid named Burton who played the tele in that band was pretty good, too.

It’s fair to say that anyone who remembers where they were 22 November 63 is a boomer. Conversely, if you remember 7 December 1941, you ain’t.

My dad served in the infantry in France and was in the group who “liberated” Paris. My uncle Mel was stationed in North Africa. My uncle Rom was a navigator in the Air Corp and survived being hit by shrapnel on a mission. The GI bill funded two doctoral degrees in my family—my dad’s and my Uncle Mel’s.

Gotta say that the GI bill radically changed America. Boomers were taught by folks who went to uni with significant governmental assistance. Prior to that time, university profs were typically from the upper class.

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