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@mercy, @SJ VanSandt thanks for swinging by! Your comments are very much appreciated!

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
First off, welcome to the forum, Hanter--nothing like a cool build thread to make an entrance with!

Congrats on your build with John--I've admired his guitars for years here on the AGF and have no doubt that he'll create a visual and tonal masterpiece for you. As a recent recipient of a Tunnel 14/Cocobolo guitar, I can tell you that it is a magical combination. You'll love it!

I'm in agreement with mercy regarding the Tree binding--not enough contrast with the main woods and would possibly fight for the attention of the beholder. FWIW, my suggestion would be ebony or rocklite for the binding as I think it sets off the redwood and cocobolo in an elegant manner without competing with the other woods involved.

At any rate, whatever you and John come up with, this will be an amazing guitar, and I look forward to following along!
@Nemoman I have followed some of your builds and I have greatly admired your guitars for a while now... your latest Arum is a real firecracker! Gave me a lot of inspiration for my build to be honest.

Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
Since you have opened up to some opinion: The Tree's visual magic is on a larger scale than either binding or purfling. It's character will be largely lost in either application. Beyond that, it is not nearly hard enough to be a functional binding if protection from knocks is a consideration. It is better for purfling, then, as it is resilient enough to make a decent shock absorber behind the a harder binding. But, good luck bending such small pieces as the grain is truly wild, and every other inch (if it's the good stuff) will essentially be end-grain to the previous inch's perfection. If you though flamed maple was challenging . . . .IMO, of course.
@Bruce Sexauer legend and luthier extraordinaire! Am honored to have you comment on my build!

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
Way to start your AGF hang!!! Woohoo.

You will be stoked, no doubt. I always suggest my full Pablo Package. Go big or go home! Hahaha. PM me if you want to know about all the PP stuff.

Glad to hear you are going with the T-14 as well.

Any more striped tops, John?


@Paul aka John Kinnaird's greatest fan, I am too very honored to have you as my bench buddy. I have read all about the full Pablo Package before, but I will PM you for sure because I need to understand how certain elements play their part to achieve their specific purposes. Your beast will be a .... beast! No doubt. I hope John has another stripy Tunnel top for you.
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