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Originally Posted by Dru Edwards View Post
Congrats Mischief!!! Love of love for Teles and the Classic Vibes here on the AGF. It's a different world going from acoustic to electric and vice versa. Good luck in your new endeavour.

I have been wanting to play a lot more melody lines in my acoustic playing and also get my speed up. I reckon adding electric to my playing is going to help me a lot. I'll focus on leads, heavy melody rhythm playing and lots of scales on the electric and then carry some of that over to my acoustic.

Seems whenever I play acoustic I want to just play and sing. When I play the electric I'm going to just focus on my guitar work. Then I'll take time to also focus on my singing without guitar (which I should do a lot more of) then hopefully putting it all back together again.

Well that's the plan anyway.
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