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Default NGD Telecaster CVC

Well I got my first Tele today. I have not played an electric for about 20yrs. Just been playing acoustic.

Since I love country I decided I'd go for a Tele and settled on the CVC. I'd hoped it would have enough twang. I heard some say that depending on the individual guitar some can be more twangy then others.

In my anticipation of getting the guitar I found a good deal on a cheap modeling pedal. I don't have a guitar amp just my acoustic rig which is my PA. But then I thought well I do have a little bass practice amp a little Silvertone and set flat it's pretty clean.

I finally got the guitar home unwrapped and plugged in the pedal placed in a clean setting, set the amp flat, selected both pickups , set the tone midway and strummed.

Wow oodles of twang. In fact a few amp settings were so twangy it was almost too much and that was set both pickups.

I decided to try directly into the bass amp. The result huge smiles and oozing twang.

I tried it directly in the amp with just the bridge pickup. Incredible! I can't believe how awesome this guitar is.

Now I just have to lift my game and learn how to make this baby sing the way it should. Having been just a fairly basic strummer on the acoustic is a lot different then electric for sure. This, I'm sure is going to take my playing to the next level. I already can't wait until morning so I can play again.

My wife saw me staring off at it sitting on the couch across from me while we watched a little late night show before bed. She turns and looks at me and says lighthearted " what is that your new girlfriend now?" And I said Yeah isn't she beautiful... [emoji23]

And she matches my acoustic.....

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