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Originally Posted by Zandit75 View Post
Wow, time to grab the popcorn again!
Thanks for following along!

Originally Posted by tkoehler1 View Post
I always follow your builds as they are consistently amazing, this new guitar is no exception!
Thanks tkoehler1! I have lots of new ideas for this guitar. The Penelope is usually the model I try new things on first. It's my oldest design and probably the most "Hatcher" of any of the models I make.

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
My goodness, that rosette is special. Congrats Chef Mark on sharpening your technique. I love the greener slant on the woods (my favorite color). Beautiful work!

BTW, I got to meet Tom Doerr at the Artisan Guitar Show. Really nice guy. I let him play the Penelope I have of yours. He loved it!
Thanks Cigar fan!

I can't help but go with the olive theme on this guitar!

Did you get to try any of Tim Doerr's guitars? He does great work. Tom and I went through Somogy's master voicing classes together and have been in touch regularly since.

Thanks Again,
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