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Originally Posted by Ikki View Post
Hello All,

This is my first posting to this forum. I've lurked for awhile and I like it here.

I've been messing with a looper station for a bit and I wanted to start a discussion about laying down riffs to play over. I haven't had much success with it accept when I do an open D tuning or something like that, and even then it's been a little marginal.

But lets give an example here and get some comments. Let's just take a simple 12 bar blues in E. So I start off with simple riff in an E chord. Next comes an A chord, but when I try to play the A over the E chord riff it doesn't sound so hot. So what I'm looking for is a simple base line that I can play into the looper that will sound good with an E, A, B chord progression. Am I just way off base here? I watch others on youtube putting in little riffs and playing over them, but I'm having a hard time understanding theory behind what they are doing that makes it all harmonize. So far it's just trial and error, with heavy emphasis on the error.

Thanks in Advance,
Welcome to the forum

Not quite sure I understand what you are saying or trying to do .

So first off perhaps some clarification of terminology . So in order to be one the same page Lets call the basic element you are going to play over the (E ,A, B Chord progression with E being the 1 chord and the song is in the Key of E ) Lets call that a rhythm run. Then will can call any added elements played after that riffs. Because the term "base line" can be interpreted as either meaning the base line or basic element or it could be the Bass line or the low end progression

So if I understand correctly (which I may not)
If I want to do 12 bar blues then the first thing I need to lay down into the looper, The basic element is one continuous 12 bar rhythm run..... then start adding riffs over that

Which means I am not playing an A chord over an E chord.....

I am probably playing a pentatonic scale in E with the blue note added

In other words for example you would lay down and loop the first 12 bars of this "Practice loop " and then just hit the stop on the looper, on the first (1) beat of the 13th bar

does this help ?
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