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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
When I record acoustic guitar, I face the opposite direction of the computer desk. Thus, I can not see the guitar's recording levels. The idea of the long 12 foot to be able to move the monitor to be in front of the microphones so I can see the recording levels.
OK I see ...of course everyones situation is different . I face my computer desk and displays but simply record back from them about 8 ft and have long enough mic cables to accommodate that.

Frank's suggestion about using a smaller Tablet is one that I have been contemplating. I did not know about the remote apt. That would solve any extra cabling at all. The Tablet is small enough & light enough that I could lift it to eye level to see just the recording levels. However, a Tablet might cost as much as a small monitor? And In order to use the remote apt would I need to pay for a telephone service? I will need to investigate this more. I do not use a smart phone. Still a land line user. One of the few left.
Most DAW support a mobile app for wireless connection to the computer I use an iPad and use the But it works wifi to the computer so it does not use any phone service . I allows me trigger the transport in PT to record and delete takes (and it does have a the level meters also) It is mostly just for my convenience so I don't have to keep moving from the mic /record position to computer for recording
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