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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
I called into to apple and asked to speak to a specialist on my new purchase before I ordered. As when you order you can have Logic Pro installed for an additional $199. I only wished to know one question: Could I transfer my Old 10.1.1 Logic Pro X to the new computer and pay to have it upgraded? I took me over 20 minutes on the phone, and had to be transferred Four times before someone could answer that question! Point being that even apple does not always know the answers to the questions asked without a lot of research. I found the same thing in the apple store...I got varied answers to other questions I had.
I don't use logic but thought that (.) dot releases (like 10.1.1 to 10.7.4) were free in Logic ? That only new version numbers are paid upgrades like 8 to 10 etc. ??
Even in what this "Daisy Chain" functionality truly is..there are conflicting reports.
One source claims this:

"Desktop Mirroring or Extend

When connected to an external display, Mac and Windows computers have two different display modes: Mirror and Extend. In Mirror Mode the computer monitor duplicates the monitor on the external display so that you see the same picture on both the desktop and projector. In Extend Mode the external display is treated as a separate screen so that you can have a different windows open on the projector and desktop. It is easy to switch between the two settings.
MAC – Change External Display Mode

To turn on (or off) Desktop Mirror click the small icon of a monitor on the upper right side of the menu bar and select Turn On Mirroring"E]
Yes setting up extended is very easy in Mac OS. And you select which display is primary and show the dock... But the above says nothing about wether the displays are connected with two cables running from the Mac (one to each display ) OR are daisy chained (Mac to one display and from that display to another display) BUT as I mentioned I don't think it matters on the Studio machine (unless you think you will use up all 4 TB/USB-C Ports and will only have the one HDMI for video output ?) BTW I believe you have to use the HDMI port for 4K

For right now, I just plan to get a 12 foot HDMI cable and move the monitor in front of me.
So the Studio will be 12 ft from the display ?
Why is that ? Also just a side note given you are a live alone do you have any way to get your system out of the corner ? That is the least desirable place for monitoring with loudspeakers Trust me I do it in my bedroom and it is not a great situation ..
Enjoy the Journey.... Kev...

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