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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Jim raises a good question (if daisy chain can split the images or only mirror) I don't know ? But the only reason to have two monitors is to be able to have different things on each of them.

But with the Mac Studio I believe you would not have to have a splitter because (If I am remembering correctly ) it can send from both its HDMI and one of it's TB3 - USB -C connections ( I believe the $399 ASUS has both those types of connections) ..So I am thinking you could go with one now and one later
Originally Posted by FrankHudson View Post
I'd worry that daisy chain means mirror not different, but I don't know.

Yup, you can drive a high-res monitor off one of USB C ports. And yes, you can buy one now and one later, and no they don't have to match. In my meet the budget situation with my Mac Mini it was buy one new and use one existing that I had. Similarly, if you decide you need more mounting/positioning flexibility later you can use the VESA mount standard to give you that later.

I hadn't thought about video and 4K being very good to have. Makes sense, though for what I do I just work at older 1080 (HD) tops for my videos.

Color accuracy and short term, I thought of another poor-mans mitigation. Do I remember correctly, you have an older iMac. Are you happy with it's color accuracy? Just thinking, but you maybe remote computer connect to the new Studio running Photoshop there from the old iMac. I think you'd get the old iMacs color and for the most part the new Studio's speed. There'd be some additional latency, but for a static picture it'd likely be tolerable. Not saying to sacrifice color accuracy on your new monitor though.

Another thing that occurs to me if you own a iPhone (or better yet an iPad) and plan to use Logic. I believe Apple offers a remote app for Logic to run on their phones and tablets. Might be cool for your watch the mixer or levels needs while recording. Again, your session would be running on your new Studio, the Logic Remote app just lets you put up a remote windows to selected parts of the interface of Logic on the iPad or phone.
Ahh....This new world of computer tech offers us bedroom musicians a chance to have a high quality studio at a mere fraction of the price that it would have cost us in the 80's. However...definitive answers in the old analog world were so much easier to get. How everything interfaces in the digital world? Not always a definitive answer.

I called into to apple and asked to speak to a specialist on my new purchase before I ordered. As when you order you can have Logic Pro installed for an additional $199. I only wished to know one question: Could I transfer my Old 10.1.1 Logic Pro X to the new computer and pay to have it upgraded? I took me over 20 minutes on the phone, and had to be transferred Four times before someone could answer that question! Point being that even apple does not always know the answers to the questions asked without a lot of research. I found the same thing in the apple store...I got varied answers to other questions I had.

Even in what this "Daisy Chain" functionality truly is..there are conflicting reports.
One source claims this:

"Desktop Mirroring or Extend

When connected to an external display, Mac and Windows computers have two different display modes: Mirror and Extend. In Mirror Mode the computer monitor duplicates the monitor on the external display so that you see the same picture on both the desktop and projector. In Extend Mode the external display is treated as a separate screen so that you can have a different windows open on the projector and desktop. It is easy to switch between the two settings.
MAC Change External Display Mode

To turn on (or off) Desktop Mirror click the small icon of a monitor on the upper right side of the menu bar and select Turn On Mirroring"

For right now, I just plan to get a 12 foot HDMI cable and move the monitor in front of me.

However, silly me...I forgot all about the power cable. So I will need an extension power cable as well. Which, now starts to get a little messy with that extra cord. Not quite as simple of a move.

And IPAD remote for the metering is sounding pretty good. It is light weight, battery operated...and If I indeed can zoom in on just The meter levels( Three channels at the most at one time) then I would be set.
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