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Interesting race. First half was wild, second half tense. Tip of the hat to Checo, who drove a masterful race, particularly over the final 20 laps when his tires were going away and he had Carlos all over him. Hard to feel badly for his having to settle for P2, but there you go. Max was a bit wrong-footed all weekend, so I am sure he is happy to have pulled out P3. I do feel bad for Leclerc: so close that he could taste it, yet so far...

A bit of a processional, as per usual, yet still turned Topsy-turvy by the rain. That might be the solution for Monaco: when is the rainy season? Set the race for a time of yea when it rains. Either that or set up sprinklers to wet the track. A bit for of an exciting ace that often is in Monte Carlo, with a fair bit of passing and dicing in the first half of the race from cars with different tire formulations, ages, and variable track conditions. Once that all settled down came the processional.

So Perez is now only 6 points adrift of Leclerc, and 15 from Verstappen's lead. Could the championship turn into a three-way race?

What's next? Azerbaijan. Another street circuit.
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