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Originally Posted by sakar12 View Post
Wow, Michael, this is going to be amazing. I'll be excited to hear the difference between this and your Kostal.

In fact, when the guitar is finished I'd love to hear you play Rialto on it--I think your video of Rialto on your Kostal is perhaps my favorite guitar video ever.
Thank you very much! Rialto is definitely going to be one of the first things I play. It's a really effective piece to test the dynamic and timbral ranges of an instrument.

Originally Posted by Dustinfurlow View Post
Getting excited as if it's my own build!! Casimi is definitely near the top of the list for builds I am aching to experience.
Thank you Dustin!

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Wow! So glad to see Episode one. Can't wait for more, but as you said, can't rush perfection.
You really can't! Hope you're well my friend, hope to see you soon!

Originally Posted by CoolerKing View Post
When the British and Boer accent clash, is an interpreter required?

Totally looking forward to this coming together!
Thankfully I think we're all used to it! Hows that MDW?
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