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Originally Posted by TubeTone View Post
I just got done checking mine and I noticed after years of playing with a strap on, I have discoloration around the end hole, probably caused by sweat and never cleaned properly. This isn't my main unit, rather it is my beater that I also let friends use, or who ever shows up so over the years it has seen a lot of action. I tried several kinds of cleaner, but nothing will touch the discoloration. I wonder if there is any kind of bleach especially made for removing stains in that area.
I don't think bleach is going to do it for you; once the stains are there then you need to look at some pretty severe treatments. I suggest you use a round file and work it fairly vigorously around the hole. Keep an eye on what you are doing - you don't want the hole to lose its roundness - but you do want to get a nice, clean surface back. It might be useful to get a friend to watch because they can get close in for a very good view, just to let you know when to stop.

A word of warning: don't be tempted to go down the route of power tools in this area; it's a step too far in my view. Hand tools might take a bit longer but you'll get a better finish in the long run.

Finally, once you've cleaned up the hole as best you can, consider some protective finishing before you put the strap on. Hand-rubbed oil is my personal preference, but you might prefer something else. The main thing is to stop any further bacterial penetration, otherwise you can end up with fungal problems deep in the wood and nobody wants that.
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