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Originally Posted by rschultz View Post
Quick comment on the KK + Anthem... it is easily wired up in the (full) Anthem version because the preamp (mounted on the sound hole) has a jack for the UST. So plugging in the K&K instead of the UST is rather easy once you solder a 2.5mm male connector to the K&K wires.

But the Anthem SL's preamp is in the endpin and the UST is hard soldered to the circuit board. You could de-solder it and wire in a connector... but I wouldn't recommend it.
Yes, that's exactly what I would be doing. I de-soldered the Element from the D-TAR pickup. Incidentally, I think D-TAR built a more road worthy product. But, it's not as convenient, nor does it mitigate feedback like the Anthem system. I've soldered on those Baggs preamps before and the solder pads will come off easily ruining the device completely. It would be best avoided by anyone besides good electronics technicians.
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