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Originally Posted by Mbroady View Post
What about hypercordiod or supercardiod patterns. Since you are not getting a signal from the back of the mic would you not get more overall rejection.
But in fact you do get response from the rear, just not directly behind the mic. If you find a good polar plot you'll see "lobes" of sensitivity at an angle to the rear of the mics.

The issue is that the figure 8 has the strongest null of any mic pattern.

I am currently in transit now but when I get home I will experiment more.
The 2 mics I have are an AKG 414b and a Neumann M149, so I have the patterns to play with.
With those mics you're in a great position to experiment and find which approach works best for you.

Are there mics I could use for voice and/or guitar that I can get even better off axis rejection from. Perhaps a dynamic mic such as the Shure M7.
Dynamics don't have any better off-axis rejection, they simply have lower sensitivity. Once you've added gain to match the level of a condenser the off-axis level will be the same as the condenser.

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