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Default Italian over D. tucurensis, in a serious way

Every now and again I build a classical guitar. I also sometimes build a nylon strung non-classical, a "folk" instrument or more than once, a flamenco. But today's subject is to be a serious guitar. I hope that there are a few people in this sub-forum who will find this interesting, so I have started this thread.

The top is Italian Spruce I sourced from the Rivolta family in 2002. It is high altitude material from a small tree. The client spent some time in the shop with me, and would not have another once he saw this one. He certainly knows what he wants, and gave me a higher than average number of specific for the instrument.

Most interestingly, the customer created their own template which I am using as faithfully as possible. We worked through earlier drafts till it got to where I thought it would work, but it is certainly their design rather than my own. I wonder if it will sound other than my previous several?

I am delighted to believe I have placed the most surface aligned grain directly under the bridge, which is a target I don't always hit as accurately. When the finish goes on I may be a bit less pleased. We'll see.

The back, which I call "tuc", and is sometimes called Guatemalan or Panamanian Rosewood, is of the highest quality, but had to be four pieces for this to be true.
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