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It is awesome that so many of you have had personal experience with this specific guitar- It truly is a thing of beauty.

Matthew's introduction got me a chance to visit with Robert and see it up close. I was amazed. The condition, the workmanship, and simply the age of the thing. There wasn't anything about it I didn't like and I cannot say that about too many guitars.

I have been wanting to build this for a long long time and I couldn't be more excited to finally be starting-

I did take some measurements when I visited but I have been working off of the plan Robert posted on his site too. It is on this page, almost halfway down.

I was able to print it out at scale and it seems very accurate based on the other printed dimensions. In either case, I am not attempting to build a 100% reproduction but rather a guitar heavily based on that one. We will be changing a few things but definitely keeping the vibe of that instrument.

We've been talking around this guitar for a long time! Great to finally hit the ground. I love seeing the excitement for it.
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