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To answer the OP question. Yes. My older brother was the first to play guitar, 50 some years ago. I followed in his footsteps, so to speak. Our youngest sister took piano lessons and eventually also learned guitar. Another younger sister, decided about age 56 or so to learn. She’s enjoying it, especially since retiring a few months ago. She has a little free time now. My husband loves music and has tried to learn guitar, but usually gives up soon after each attempt. The only sibling who doesn’t play is our oldest sister. She tried, but just has no talent. I and my siblings all played in the school band. I played percussion from 5th thru 12th grades.

And then there’s the next generation. I have 4 nephews, who all play. And even though my brother and I are decent guitarists, the 4 nephews are better. Music and guitars are very much a part of our being.

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