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Originally Posted by Tahitijack View Post
An acoustic guitar band I was in tested our setlist at open mic nights. Usually at the end of the night after everone else had played. Some players wanted to join us not realizing we were already set and just giving it a dry run. I learned the word open mic aholic at these test drives. One guy was a regular at the local places and played several nights a week.
I don't have the band anymore, too noisy. Hoping to get a little acoustic duo traction by attending some open mics. Nothing beats seeing and hearing people play, as opposed to misinterpreting ads, ignoring specifics and hoping it might magically work out anyway.

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BTW, I just heard back from the non-singing, 3-chord, 3-song troubadour who inspired this thread by responding to my CL ad (I was looking very specifically for another singing guitarist for an acoustic duo).

A couple days after our dismal get-together, he emailed that it was "nice meeting," and he wants to work on his guitar chops so he can have an acoustic duo (but still not sing).

I was tempted to send a short "Dear John Letter" to thank him for wasting my time and repeatedly insulting my generation/taste in music. But my wife helped me take the high road. I told him, "Thanks for the email, good luck to you."

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