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I can understand completely. The Play Acoustic does so much and is incredibly deep, but that also means complicated for the user. The TC Helicon Perform VG does a lot of the same things but is much simpler and easier to use. Maybe check it out?

Originally Posted by dwilken View Post
i've had my play acoustic for a while and use it once in a while with the band. would like to use it more but don't have it set up perfect. it seems the more i tinker the worse things get. i'm not a tech type guy and getting to old for this. to be honest it has me flustered. the more video's i watch the more confused i get.
if there is someone close by who uses and is fluent with play acoustic i would come to you and pay you to set it up for me. it's either this, or just getting rid of it. oh- i'm in northern ohio between cleveland and toledo.
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