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Originally Posted by TiffanyGuitar View Post
It is very nice. It came in safely and more or less matched the advertised description. I have it strung with normal tension strings right now. I will probably try some hard tension next time. Ii was a bit rusty on changing the wiggly squiggly nylon strings, but restringing it went fine. I will do a bit better next time. The only thing I am not crazy about is the case. Yairi cases just seem very flimsy to me. The handle is very funky too. never seen one like this one. I have noticed that their cases are funky. But, that is not a big deal overall.

I am not a great classical player, but it is nice to have it as a something to mix things up.
Very nice. You've got a great guitar, and a pretty one! Love the burled maple and beautiful rosette, binding, and other fancy trimmings on those 118s. I vaguely remember the hard case for my CY140 having a delicate tolex covering, but I actually kept my case inside a larger gig bag type of soft case, made to further protect and insulate the hard case and guitar. I didn't buy that because I had concerns about the OEM hard case, but because I live in MT and I was hauling it around to gigs and other things in our brutal winter cold, and wanted that additional insulation so I could be taking it inside and outside with minimal warm-up time before being safely able to pull the guitar out of the case. Was a pain in the rear always getting in and out of two cases though. But it was by far the nicest guitar I'd ever owned up to that point, so I wasn't taking chances. Anyways... enjoy your new guitar!
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