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Originally Posted by jjbigfly View Post
Hearing my self singing was a depressing feeling. It made me feel like I should have stuck with bowling. I could have had my own shoes...
I went the headphone route and I set all my gear on a desk very close in order to be able to make adjustments on the fly. It took awhile, but I look forward to singing a good amount of what I play and feel like I am singing decently at last.
I took awhile but I am used to my singing voice. You may not feel the same :-)
I eventually discovered that turning the vocals up really helps. You cannot fix what you cannot hear. I now understand why people always told me to turn up the vocals. Hearing myself (when it all comes together) playing and singing still brings THAT feeling....
I could have wrote this,, except for the bowling..
(the shoe comment was great!)
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