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Let's once again go through the reason why no one, no one, hears himself the same when comparing the inside and a recording:

When we talk or sing, the sound arrives at our ears through multiple routes: sound travels around the cheek and into the ear. However, a large component of low end travels directly from the pharynx and mouth to the ear canal and inner ear via bone transduction. The sources of sound induce sound into the bone structures surrounding them and that sound travels faster through the solid bone than the sound in the air. That sound that is transduced through bone is entirely our own listening space. No-one else gets to hear it. But it dramatically alters our perception of our own voice. Like a guitar, there is some resonance off of our chests that others hear along with the product from our mouths but it is very limited. Microphones can pick up a bit of this if they aren't too set too closely but the typical pop mic'ing job doesn't. The result sounds like there has been a high-pass filter placed across what you hear within your head.

And that is why we are uncomfortable. It can be substantially overcome immediately with an intellectual decision that "this is the way I sound so get used to it!" There will still be some emotional impact, but you can get over it.

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