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I'm a terrible singer. It's one reason I play guitar: I like music and I like melody especially, but I couldn't sing, so I learned guitar so I could play the tunes instead. I still prefer melody to chords and harmony.

I agree that it's hard to get used to the sound of one's recorded voice - i.e., the way your voice actually sounds, to everyone else! The way we hear our own voices (in our ears and head) is unnatural, its wrong. That's what takes some time to get used to.
Of course, as singers (and I'll admit I have tried to improve my voice, at least to try and pitch more accurately), we have to get over that disconnect between what we hear in our heads and what's projecting out there.

I suggest working with mic and headphones all the time, so you hear your voice via mic and phones more than through your head. Get used to how it sounds when you manipulate it in various ways.

There's a story that when Robert Johnson made his recordings, he wanted it set up so he was facing the wall or a corner. People said it was because he was shy, or because he wanted to hide his guitar technique in case people stole his tricks. IMO, it's more prosaic than that: it was so he could hear his voice projecting back to him. If you sing into the corner of a room, from as close in as you can get, you hear your natural voice coming back to you. No tech needed!
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