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Originally Posted by aeisen93 View Post
When I think of certain chords, I associate them with colors. D Major chord is Green, A Major chord is blue, etc... not sure where these colors are coming from. Do any of you associate chords with colors?
Originally Posted by DianeA View Post
Yes, A is red, E is blue, D is white, F is brown, G is gold, B is blue-green. I feel silly writing this...
Do either of you actually SEE the colors when playing/hearing the chords, or do you just "associate" them with a color (though I'm not sure what the latter would really mean)?

What I've always wondered is this: If you hear a D major and it's green (we'll assume A=440 here), what happens if you set your A reference such that it's exactly halfway between A and Ab, for example? What color is it then? The color of A, or the color of Ab (I'm assuming there's a color for Ab, I guess) . . . or some sort of blend between them?
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