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OK, I don't have synesthesia or anything, but I do associate chords with colors. It mostly at the conceptual level I guess - I associate A major with yellow, for instance, but I don't actually see yellow when I hear A major (although I know some people do have that kind of synesthesia).

I also sometimes associate chords or more often, keys, with people. These two associations are related - like if I know someone with a bright sunny personality, I might think of that person as an A major (either chord or key) and that goes along with the bright yellow color I associate with it.

I tend to think of the minor chords as darker, but related colors to their relative major chords. For instance, I think of D major as a nice medium blue, and B minor as a dark midnight blue. (I'm a B minor, by the way) (the key - as for a chord, I don't know, but I think I'm an augmented chord).

Also sometimes when I'm writing a song, the chords take on personalities and form teams that fight other teams. Kinda strange. One piece in particular comes to mind - and I was actually sort of feeling this while I was writing it - D major and E major formed a team and were enemies with G major and F# major who had formed an opposing team. Another chord - F minor showed up and was sort of a neutral party, attempting either to mediate the conflict or provide neutral ground for them to battle it out.

Not sure what all of the fuss was about - but I did think of the D major, E major team as the good guys. I think they won since the piece ended up being in Bm (even though no Bm's were ever used).
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