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No question, Dave Matthews is HUGE talent, technically impressive, soulful, rhythmic, and quick. He writes most of his music and isn't overly produced. You don't get that big all on your own like that without being fairly Epic. I agree, his stuff is high level and impressive.

Re: Steve Vai, I don't know an enormous amount about Steve but I do know to hang with Frank Zappa you not only have to have the technical proficiency but the heady music theory side of things as well. I have no idea what's in Dave Matthews head but I get the sense he's musically smart but playing a lot 'from the gut.' Steve Vai is in a special intellectual level in terms of understanding how music is composed. But maybe both roads lead to Rome!

If you know Dave, you must know Tim Reynolds? That guy is equally Epic. And an electric, like Steve. I wonder if he's your DMB Steve Vai?

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