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Originally Posted by Larry Mal View Post
Not only is there no right or wrong, but you can think of where you strum as being your guitar's natural EQ sweep. You can emphasize the treble or bass depending on where you strum, and you should absolutely do that for effect.

It's part of the technique of the instrument- so the wrong thing to do would be to think that there was a right or wrong here.
What Larry said.

When you strike a tensioned string, it vibrates in a series of nodes and anti-nodes. Depending WHERE you strike the string you will damp or enhance some of those nodes. Thus suppressing or enhancing certain harmonics.

As an extreme example, if you strummed a string at the 12th fret, you would eliminate all of the even harmonics.

Pianos are designed to have the hammer strike exactly 1/7th of the way down the string, this suppresses the 7th harmonic, and makes a piano sound the way it does.
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