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Originally Posted by J-Doug View Post
Generally turns into brand bashing which is against forum rules.
Perfectly said. The "worst of" threads really do waste a lot of moderator time and they almost always end up being closed or trashed.

We occasionally take criticism from folks unhappy with the AGF because they say they have to sugarcoat everything, but that actually isn't true at all. We're all allowed to voice honest, sincere opinions. Bashing occurs when folks are simply rude and take their criticism to the point of being ridiculous. "Worst of" threads almost always offend somebody because one man's ceiling is another man's floor. All our opinions vary considerably and what one person thinks is a trashy guitar might be the best guitar another person has ever owned. Harsh judgments just don't make many friends around here.

The rules state, "What sounds great to one person might not sound so good to another. That's okay! If you can make music with it, if you love it, it's the right guitar for YOU"! So, "worst of" threads have a hard time fitting within the rules of the AGF and for good reason.
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