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Originally Posted by rokdog49 View Post
Eastman was brought up in the OP.
His supposition about Eastman is errroneous unless there has been a recent change.
From what I am able to gather in conversations with several folks very close to the company, Eastman is still doing more work with hands and rudimentary hand tools than any other "production" guitar builder. One of these folks is Ted at L.A. Guitars.
You can believe that or not but for folks to make statements to the contrary is nothing more than speculation based on nothing.
I'm not convinced Eastman uses any automated equipment at all. The last I knew they were still making the necks by hand, not CNC machines as was suggested, using basic hand tools. Eastman is still hand-spraying the finishes on the bodies.
If anyone can offer anything contrary to this, I'm willing to listen, but not unless you can at least provide some form of documentation... even if its just a conversation you had with an Eastman person.
I was about to make the same reply.
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