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Thanks, everyone, for your very helpful replies. I really appreciate it. After a little research, I ended up ordering a Zoom H6. It's probably more than I need but I hope that being able to get good recordings will encourage me to learn more techniques and songs.

I checked out the Zoom R6 after ordering the H6. It's really neat. However, I don't have second thoughts because I like the fact that the H6 has it's own high-quality microphones so I don't have to buy anything else right away. Of courses, I can record into four additional channels (six with an optional attachment) but I doubt I will ever do that. The other thing is the portability of the R6. I can think of some uses in the field that makes that a good plus. I read various reviews about the H6 and watched a bunch of YouTube reviews of it and the reviewers were almost universally very impressed with it.

Thanks again! As I get back into playing guitar, I know I'll have more questions for you folks.

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