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I know of nothing quite so complete as the Zoom R16. It may or may not be above your budget but consider; It has two decent mic's. It has 16 channels of [email protected]/44.1. I believe it has 8 XLR inputs with on-board pre's for each. It has a great reverb (as well as a host of other FX's). It has electric guitar amp simulation on board. Storage is cheap (and silent). It can serve as a control surface to almost any major DAW and even comes with a version of Cubase should you want to jump into computer editing. It uses standard flash memory and files are time stamped so they can easily be moved and read by other DAW's and can easily run on batteries should you need to move the R16 somewhere without AC. Batteries will also allow you to move to a room that's particularly great for using mic's, (say a bathroom).

It's a single piece of hardware that conceivably can cover all the bases of a home project studio
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