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Originally Posted by mc1 View Post
i'm afraid i started us down that path. for some reason i misremembered/misunderstood that when you made teoaagr (the evolution of an acoustic guitar recording), one mic was on the left and the other on the right.
The 4 mics in that example is a little confusing. If I was making a "how to record" demo, I'd have stuck to simpler and only used a single stereo pair. But since this was more of a "what I did" example, I wanted to really show what I did. For me, using 4 mics just started out as wanting to have options, maybe I'd like one pair, maybe I'd like the other. Two different approaches to stereo micing. But then, of course, I liked both for different reasons, and it was natural to say, what if I used both pairs? Seemed to work. I just played with different blends of the two pairs until I liked what I heard.

You can take the same approach with a pickup - going back the original "how do I sound like Andy McKee" question, record with mics, and also record a pickup. You can record the pickup on a mono track, so you can actually make good use of that pan control :-) Blend with the mics to taste.
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