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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
Agreed, that's what I've been trying to explain. There is no "panning" of a stereo signal, and the control on most DAWs that acts as a "pan" on a mono track becomes a "balance" on a stereo track, just like the Left/Right balance on your car stereo. The problem with recording two separate mono tracks on most computer DAWs is that all the nice stereo plugins expect to work on a single stereo track. You can use busses, etc, but for solo guitar, it seems easier to me to just use a single stereo track. In any case, I'm still puzzling over why we've now had a dozen posts about "panning" :-) It's a non-sequiter for a simple stereo acoustic guitar recording.
Ask me again why I use an analog console for mixing. Regardless of stereo or mono tracks, I can pan anything anywhere I choose. It often comes in very handy to narrow a stereo sound source a bit. Guitars aren't really meant to be six feet wide.
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