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Originally Posted by mc1 View Post
does this mean that only one side of each stereo track is used? i mean if you have stereo track A from mic 1, then pan it hard left, are you only getting the left channel from this mic. or is track A mixed to mono and then panned left? thanks.
No, I do no panning at all. A stereo track sends the left side to the left and the right side to the right. There is a "pan" control, but it's set to the center, which has no effect on the signal. The right mic is coming 100% out of the right speaker, the left mic is coming 100% out of the left speaker. On a stereo track, the pan control would have the effect of turning down one side or the other. You might think of it more as a balance control, just like the Left/Right balance you probably have on your car radio.

If I recorded to two mono tracks, I'd have the left one panned hard left and the right track hard right. With most modern DAWs, you can record on a single stereo track and have the equivalent of that on a single track.
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