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Default Sable Test Recording

Hello all.
I don't post here much...but I thought I would share something that may be of interest to a few.

Some of you here may be home or professional recordists, and I thought you might enjoy a short, very simple recording done of a Sable through a fairly high-end recording chain...similar to what you might actually use in a commercial studio.

The Sable is in standard tuning with Phosphor Bronze 12's. Pick is a McPherson medium.

The microphone being used is a single AKG C414 XLS....not the most expensive mic made...but it is fairly ubiquitous workhorse in recording studios...and it has a very balanced and even frequency response and very low self noise. The mic was placed between 6 and 8 inches above and away from the guitar, positioned around and pointed slightly downward from where the neck joins the body, and aimed at the sound hole. Pickup pattern was cardiod.

The preamp used is a Retro Instruments Powerstrip. This is a boutique all-tube channel strip comprised of a preamp, vari-mu type compressor, and Pultec type EQ section. It is a wonderful piece of equipment that really makes everything sound fantastic and euphonic. The EQ section was not engaged, but a 90hz 6db slope rolloff was engaged and there was very minimal (maybe 1db) of compression set.

Conversion is being done by a Focusrite REDNET 4 via the line-in section (no preamp in the signal path).

I did add a small amount of chamber reverb courtesy of a Lexicon PCM 92. The Lexicon was fed via AES, so there is only a single A/D conversion taking place in the chain.

Recorded in Cubase at 48khz.

If any of you have questions or there are aspects of this I missed...I am happy to answer.

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