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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
So you are panned hard left and right with nothing dead center as well? Is center imaging compensated with stereo reverb?
Right, nothing in the "center". There really is no such thing as center in stereo, "center" is just an illusion that results from the same identical sound in both speakers. I don't think there's any compensating to be done. You can hear the sound before I apply the reverb, I don't think the reverb has anything to do with that - I want the reverb to add space, not remove it. Stereo micing techniques are intended to create a stereo sound field, and you just adjust the mics to get the sound you want. If I wanted more "center", I'd move the mics closer together, or in the case of the MS ribbon mic, adjust the side mix (MS is a scenario where there is an explicit "center", called the Mid). You might think of stereo micing as being a bit like listening with 2 ears, which hopefully we all do. You don't need any sound in the center in real life.

Also, is the LA2 a tube compression emulator that mildly processes the sound despite having no gain reduction on the meter?
I think that's just a matter of the resolution of the meter. If I compare before and after, it's clear some compression has happened, but within the limits of the visual feedback the plugin gives me, I'm not getting any indication of signifiant compression. I think you'll find this to be true of most compressors. My real goal is just a little smoother, fatter, sound, but nothing that I hear as compression. If you crank up the LA2 to where the meter is really indicating gain reduction, you'll hear it, and that's rarely a good thing.
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