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Originally Posted by DethWshBkr View Post
So an honest question - how did people get virtuos that were custom built already? They were just released, and they take 3 to 4 months to construct if I'm not mistaken still. Were certain people told that they could buy these early?
I think they built up their stock of Virtuos before making a public release. In last week's shipping video, I think I recall Alistair saying they sold 11 in the short time between their release and the shipping video. No doubt they put some guitars in a few select hands to get promotion videos ahead of time. If you're saying "custom" in regards to the different veneers, Emerald will make stock guitars in veneers of their choosing. If you see one you like listed as "Stock," better snap it up quick.

When Emerald was doing their Select Series of guitars each month, I was able to get an X20 with a Louro Preto veneer from their second ever Select Series, with no wait. I think that month's Select Series sold out in about 3 days.

I would imagine if you want to custom order a veneer on a Virtuo, you will be looking at the typical wait times.
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