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Originally Posted by rmp View Post
I have an Epiphone Emperor Regent, had it for a while...I usually have it strung w/11 gauge flat wound strings...

These can be hard to find, since they're discontinued as of like 2010 which is about the time I bought mine. I've considered selling it but always walked back after I've played it for a few hours.
These - along with several other hollows/semis and a couple solids - were either discontinued or went down the tubes when Epiphone moved from Korean to Chinese production in 2008 (yours would have been NOS). Nice guitars, BTW: in spite of their laminated construction they were true amplified acoustic guitars in the early postwar tradition (FYI Epiphone made a very small run of all-acoustic Emperor Regents in the early-2K's - probably no more than a dozen or so - that command a certain amount of collector interest), and they're quite capable of producing good unplugged tone/volume with the right strings (FWIW laminated construction doesn't have the same detrimental effect on an archtop as a flattop, something upright-bass manufacturers - including Epiphone in their New York heyday - have known for the last century); try a set of either monel or pure nickel (not nickel-plated steel) 13's - flatwounds aren't going to cut it here - and you just might discover a side of your Emperor that you never knew existed,,,
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