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Commissioning a guitar is an interesting process, especially for a first timer like myself. You choose a luthier who’s work you admire, visually and sonically. You can have a lot of input on the visual aspects, less so on the sonic aspects beyond wood choice.

It’s not like you can try before you buy, trust and a willingness to accept some degree of uncertainty is important.

So, after seeing the guitar with strings, one of my first questions was

“How does it sound?”

Joel’s response, with permission to share.

“I let it sit overnight before judging tone... this morning wow. Let’s just say I managed to impress myself. The combo of the barely there finish as well as my new voicing makes this perhaps one of the most responsive and in your face guitars I have ever played. I am a bit floored actually. Still another 2 weeks though until a more thourough review.”

Ok, I am getting even more excited!
It is going to be a long 2 weeks....
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