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I'm late to the game here but wish to chime in. I have a few McKnights with varying sound ports. While the Luckenbooth port looks cool, and I do have it on one of my McKnights, I'm partial to the dual sound ports myself (on two of my McKnights; see my 'Black Limba' on page five of the gallery). Maybe it's all in my head, but it feels more like stereo than what I gain from the Luckenbooth or what I've heard from the 'Todd port.'

Congrats on the build, though; Tim will have to correct me if I'm mistaken, but the Lowlander model isn't built as frequently as it should be. That wider lower bout at the tail does something special. Regardless of the model, I feel confident you will be more than fully satisfied by the guitar you eventually receive. And enjoy the process: That's almost as good as the actual guitar! Thanks for sharing the images with all of us.

A virtual tour of the wood room: I still think I'd be salivating and ready to pass out even via Zoom, but you're missing the aroma of all those marvelous woods! Hope you have a chance to truly visit Greater Metropolitan Morral at some point and enjoy the company of the McKnights in person. Great people. Great guitars.
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