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If you are referring to the neck J-FC there are no changes made, neck woods whether Mahogany or other woods vary in weight and density and I don't see any difference. I only have the benefit of 60 guitars from my shop but this is my feeling.

Sometime I wish we could do a myth buster show on guitars, I think we hear what we are looking for more than what is actually there. I had an opinion on maple guitars that they were thin sounding until I played a real good one so when Jean commissioned the Maple SJ a few years back I took the challenge and found it was not an issue. It is as good sounding as any of my other SJ builds and real close to what I consider my best SJ the Bubinga Lutz now owned by a member on this forum and the guitar that brought Jean to my shop.

By the way due to all the extra shop time the Covid safety avoidance of travel and music playing has given me I can take on another build or maybe 2 for 2021 or early 2022 completion.

Fred Tellier
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