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Yes, because wood is a natural material, which varies. The 'average' piece of Red spruce is denser and stiffer along the grain at a given thickness than the 'average' piece of Engelmann spruce, or Western red cedar. But I've worked with Red spruce tops that that were less dense than the average Engelmann, and Engelmann tops that were denser than most Red spruce. I have one Red spruce top that exactly matches the density and stiffness of a WRC top in my stash. It's about the piece of wood, not the species.

It also has a lot to do with what the maker does. If you want a 'responsive' guitar it's easier to start out with a low density piece of top wood, of whatever species, but if you don't have one there are things you can do to adapt. A good maker can probably get more out of poor wood than a bad maker can get out of the best wood.
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