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Originally Posted by AH Acoustic View Post
I must respectfully offer an alternative viewpoint on this, based on a recording I just did. I have read countless threads on this topic, and honestly, the only way for me to know was to try one in person.

I just recorded this finger style video out of curiosity to compare my red spruce guitar with another guitar, with very soft / dynamic attack, and found the top to be utterly responsive, even with the slightest touch. That said, it doesn't exactly attenuate down to "soft" -- it simply starts resonating with immediacy after any attack. I don't know if this is a bracing or a top wood characteristic - more research needed.

I think the video shows that Adirondack can be extraordinarily responsive, with a very light attack.

I will link the Adirondack (red spruce) video here, so people trying to imagine the sound can simply hear one example -- this is just one example, but I think it shows the capability of the top.

This guitar is Adi braced. (not to spark a debate on this detail -- just to inform listeners).


I have a number of red spruce guitars that respond well to a light touch. But, importantly, still a lot of headroom.

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